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If you are starting to think of a new barbecue for the summer, check out our website. Here you will find the best barbecue. The weather reports predict a long beautiful summer barbecue. A new grill is often used. This month we have great deals from Australia's legendary barbecue brand Beefeater - one of the best, longest barbecues you can buy. For more than 25 years, Beefeater has had exceptional barbecues whose brand is known worldwide. Celebrities like Tiger Woods and Roger Federer use Beefeater barbecues.


Ask the online team about the possibilities and they will tell you that Beefeater makes one of the best longest barbecues you can buy. Beefeater Barbecues used materials such as heavy stainless steel in their production and have a large number of patents and trademarks around their designs and technologies. Unlike many other manufacturers, screw or spot glass windows are Beefeater frames that are fully welded along the length of the seams so that they are stronger, stiffer and that thick droplets do not pass through openings.


Beefeater is so convinced of the power of their barbecue frames, they offer a guarantee on their 1100 and Discovery series models and a lifetime guarantee on their Signature Series models. Beefeater is clearly a grill that will last! A Beefeater is not only tough - they are also great cookware. Thanks Beefeater's unique Vaporizers get a very smooth and very warm grill surface that is easy to handle. The burners of a Beefeater heat up so quickly that little time is needed for preheating. Just put on a Beefeater and a few minutes later you'll be up to speed. Beefeater's Vaporisers which reduces by fats and fruit juices. The fats and juices that affect the Vaporizers turn to smoke before it burns. Plus, there are the stainless grill surfaces. All Beefeater grill plates are coated with a high-quality enamelled paint, which is fired at very high temperatures. This treatment prevents corrosion. This means that you cook on a durable surface. The best part of all this is that the grill surface of the Beefeater is non-porous and very easy to clean. So you don't have to worry about the remaining flavors from the last time you grilled. This is all part of Beefeater's 'more time grilling / cooking, cleaning less time' philosophy.


Starting a Beefeater is easy with Beefeater Quartz Start Igniter. Just press and turn the control knob on and the burner will ignite every time. No batteries needed. Beefeater has a whole range of great BBQs.


The Bigg BUGG is the latest BBQ Beefeater. Small in size but big on technology and design with a range of features. The big advantage of the Beefeater BUGG is that you can take it anywhere. It works well on your balcony, but you can easily go to the beach, camping and caravan, etc.. Take it. It can be placed on the couch or one of the beautifully designed BUGG trolleys. This is the versatile BBQ where an erratic barbecuer has been met. The Beefeater Bug is available in funky orange or black.

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