BeefEater 3000 Serie Gas BBQ

BeefEater 3000 Serie Gas BBQ

Australian Stainless Steel Built-In Barbecue with Anti-Flare Technology!

Imagine that your choice of barbecue is built into your own luxurious outdoor space. Seamlessly created to complement all tastes and styles, our outdoor built-in BBQ range is available in sleek durable stainless steel or resistant enamel to withstand the weather. The barbecue frame is fully seam-welded stainless steel and the grill lid is 'double-layer' insulated and completely made of stainless steel, has a large viewing window and clear thermometer. For both the burners and the grill surface, there is a choice between full stainless steel or full cast iron.

Grill surface composition:

  • 3-burner: 320mm grid and 320mm plate (total 3072 cm²)
  • 4-burner: 400mm grid and 400mm plate (total 3840 cm²)
  • 5-burner: 640mm grid and 320mm plate (total 4608 cm²)
  • The barbecue is equipped with a Quartz-start igniter with titanium technology (on all burners).


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